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COVID-19 announcment to BEMS students:

First and foremost we would like to give a big welcome to any new Masters and Fresher student joining us this year, and returning students too! It's no secret that COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works, consequently the society's plans will not run as usual. However, we will endeavour to provide an equally entertaining, friendly and engaging experience as we have some fantastic ideas to get you all involved in.  We look forward to meeting you all and hope you can join us for our biggest year yet!

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Congratulation to our Sustainability Enterprise Competition winners!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the competition! We were very pleased to see students cooperate, bring their innovative ideas together and planning a business model for future success. We would like to give a special hand to our contest winners:


First place, and a £1000 fund, go to Kritin Rajaram (MSc data science) for their proposal ILAN Solutions that offer price adjusted automated service to small and growing businesses through data driven solutions. 

Second place, and a £500 fund, go to Eng maths students: Riku Green, Oscar Evans, Theo Mayor and Lotti Gunton-Berners for their proposal True Offset that aims to offset our carbon emission and encourage climate action.

These groups will receive key mentorship from the experienced consultant social entrepreneur and facilitator Chloe Tingle to guide their growth from the beginning.


No Ordinary Degree

We don't follow traditional ways of teaching and it shows! Engineering Mathematics at Bristol defies conventions when it comes to the classroom, doing away with tedious teaching styles and opting for a more engaging and applied approach. Here, you will be involved in group projects in Mathematics and Data Modelling, develop your own programming skills and choose from a wide array of units to specialise in from  Mathematical Biology to Robotic Systems, in the later years.

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