Our Mission

In short, we aim to promote and develop the careers and skillsets associated with applied mathematics and computer programming. We help our members through regular networking events and socials.


We also recognise that not all members continue their engineering career after university; we provide opportunities for a wider variety of students' interests. Past speakers at our events include Graze co-founder/CTO Edd Read, Overleaf co-founder/CTO Dr John Lees-Miller, and Miminal director/analyst Alex Ogilvie — all large proponents of Bristol's startup culture.

We provide a social framework that encourages mixing of different year groups; our family system spans all four years of study and gives younger students access to experience and personal help that may not always be available from staff. We also hold intramural football and netball matches on Wednesdays and host the annual EngMaths Summer Formal shortly after June exams.

As our founding is with the engineering department of one of the top universities in the U.K. we have access to an unparalleled set of engineering resources, from electronics and thermodynamics labs to a 50kW aeroacoustic tunnel.


What sets us apart from others is that we combine our engineering basis with mathematics- and computing-heavy approaches to solving problems throughout the students' time at university.


A hallmark of the Engineering Mathematics degree is the project-oriented workload that balances a careful mix of these three intertwined fields. Grouped with outstanding teaching and support staff, our Engineering Mathematics course produces excellent standards.

Skills developed through Eng Maths:

IT engineering.jpeg
engineering thinking.jpeg

Grasp an understanding of advanced core mathematical concepts and structures and how these enable us to analyse/optimise systems.

Learn a range of industry-standard programming languages and best practises to bring your own ideas to reality, with visible results.

Cultivate the problem solving mindset to forsee potential issues, understand the underlying processes and seek innovative solutions.

Apply knowledge from the lecture hall to real-life problems whilst developing experience through working in teams and gaining project-oriented skills.

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Equality Statement

The Bristol Engineering Mathematics Society (BEMS) is dedicated to providing and sustaining a positive and supportive environment for our members and participants in any of our activities. BEMS strives to ensure that all members are equally valued and respected, and provide a space where students can further explore their academic interests and engage with the Engineering Maths course. As a provider of social and academic events, we value the diversity of our members and participants highly. BEMS is committed to providing an inclusive culture where all our students can feel mutually supported and thrive.


Our Constitution

Up to date for: 2020/21 academic year.