Free MOOCs

Listed below is a range of free massively open online courses (MOOCs) that complement Engineering Mathematics nicely, fitting many of the topics and concepts taught alongside the degree. These courses are taught to a high standard by renown academics and professionals and therefore it comes as no surprise that they are highly recommended. Looking to boost your CV, support your studies or explore an area of interest? Discover your next learning milestone:

Machine Learning & AI Courses

As a former lead at Google,  Founder of, Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera, and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, Andrew Ng is the perfect candidate to teach machine learning. His vast and pioneering experience as an AI researcher will help to build you up from machine learning fundamentals through lectures and coding assignments in MATLAB. Alternatively check out his deep learning website below.

The following series of MOOCs are from Imperial College London's engineering department. The aim of these more focused classes is aimed to deepen understanding when mining big data mining for insights is. These courses cover the role of Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus in machine learning, particularly deep learning.

Specialised Engineering Courses

These courses are more niche in their application or industry size but are equally interesting and accessible to an Engineering Mathematics student.

Books and Websites

Websites that offer a host of other engineering courses are listed below.

Below is a list of free books courtesy of their author website that complements nicely the engineering maths degree.

Below are further academic writing and reference guides.

Useful Files

If you want something shown here that you believe will benefit EngMaths students, tell us your suggestion(s)!

This is a completely student-made document, created to give new students a more practical insight into third and fourth year units. Made in 2018.

This is a relatively short guide (as far as LaTeX literature goes) to the commands and conventions needed for report writing.

You can upload this .tex file to Overleaf to use for short reports and homeworks.

You can use this .tex file in Overleaf for longer reports. This one has a distinct title and contents page.


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